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The Beginning into the universe of the 'Bloggers'
March 22, 2013, 12:40 PM

Ever wonder why anyone would 'blog' in the first place? Is it because the blogger thinks that what they have to say is so important that the world must be made aware? Or is it because circumstances have changed and now one who needs a theraputic outlet to voice their opinions has found what seems to be a viable option for them? Maybe, the truth be known, the blogger is finding that ultimate place of belonging where, no matter the circumstances, comments, or caustic reactions, they receive attention from others that is so lacking in their reality. These are but a few of the questions I have regarding blogging. 

There is one thing I certainly do understand about blogging and that is typically bloggers are self satisfying in their desires. I fully believe that if bloggers turned to providing love, encouragement, understanding, and assistance to people the world would be forever changed. Loving others is our calling from GOD of the Bible. Encouraging others ensures peace amoung all peoples. Understanding others helps us to better love, encourage, and assist them in obtaining a 'successful' life. And assistanting people to succeed morally, physcially, and eternally prepares the way for the next generation to do likewise. Anything short of these things only perputates the trials and tribulations of the world we face today. 

Therefore, blog for the benefit of others. Be a servant to all. You will find success which brings you earthly peace and  these actions may well lead you to opening your mind, heart, and life to eternal security!


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